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In 2012, with more than 20 years’ experience in various executive marketing positions, Josée Morin decided to launch IMAGE2.

As Marketing Vice-President at the international manufacturer Christina America Inc, Josée developed the identity of many national and international brands. She was also Marketing Director at Addition-Elle and Bikini Village for several years. 

Her extensive fashion experience brings Josée a different perspective in developing strategies and the artistic development of each project. As such, IMAGE2 clearly offers its services in the field of fashion but also on a wide variety of products and services such as health and real estate.

IMAGE2 was created in order to provide resources to businesses. Thanks to a wide range of experts, IMAGE2 is able to meet the specific needs of each client. Our goal? Provide personalized support and guidance from start to finish.

The knowledge and understanding of the market as well as the love of people and their passions are the basis of IMAGE2’s success. A keen sense of the big picture, attentive listening, authenticity and most importantly, the ability to create the vision of each client are all at the core of the company’s values.

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Shaping the image that will bring out the creative vision of your brand feeds my passion. All my years supervising multidisciplinary teams have allowed me to shape my expertise to bring together and maximize the strengths of each artistic creator and strategist in order to achieve our common goal.
– Josée Morin

Merci à IMAGE2 pour l’excellent travail. Cette entreprise peut vous aider en image de marque dans toutes les sphères d’activités.

- Erik Provencher, MISS VERSA

It was a pleasure to work with Josee and IMAGE2, a wonderful PR Agency we employed for Miraclesuit, Magicsuit and ECO SWIM by Aqua Green swimwear brands. She has successfully increased our brand visibly in Canada 100% and, I would recommend Josee for any future project.

- Caroline Shaw

Today’s shoot went amazing. Seriously love these guys so much. Always a blast working with them 🙂

-Andrew Biernat- Model

Love working with IMAGE2, the most amazing hard working and professional client.

- Caroline Gleason - CGM

Josée comprend très rapidement l’essence d’une marque et elle peut à coup sur la bonifier ou l’imager. La réalisation de tous les projets que je lui ai donnés a dépassé mes attentes en repoussant les limites de ce que je m’étais imaginé. C’est un plaisir de travailler avec une professionnelle si chevronnée, efficace, agréable et performante.

- Jean-Pierre Ferrandez- INDYGENA

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